About Me

I write novels, essays, and articles about video games.

I love print layout and creating things out of paper.

I care about how the internet can be used to our advantage, as individuals but also as a community.

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My Skills


Bronson is experienced with creative writing, grant writing, technical writing, business writing, and journalistic writing. He is familiar with MLA, APA, Chicago, and AP styles. He writes essays, novels, news articles, satire, and copy.


Print layout is Bronson’s passion. He loves magazine and book design and stays abreast of popular trends in contemporary design.

Web Development

Bronson knows HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and WordPress. He knows how to host websites, register domain names, and everything in between. He specializes in database programming and administration.

Writing Samples

The reason higher education combines “arts” and “sciences” is because all art is, in essence, an emotional and psychological experiment. […] In this regard, the artist is the mad scientist and the audience members are all rats in her maze.

The Future of Electronic Interaction Can be Found in the Middle of Kentucky Kill Screen

Eric Myers sat on the hood of his van smoking a cigarette. It was a muggy September night outside of Lexington’s Green Lantern Bar. “Either everything burns down and we have a party,” he said. “Or everything stays up and we have a party.”

Thanks be to Grog: Friends, Family, and Fanatics at the Ford Theatre Reunion Flashpoint Magazine

“Lexington’s rise as a hub for video game development in recent years is due in no small part to a Lexington-based nonprofit dedicated to fostering a healthy community.”

Press start: Nonprofit RunJumpDev drives Lexington’s growing video game industry Business Lexington
Writing Samples

Print Layout

I love organizing text and images into the most elegant, yet communicative, package. I wholeheartedly believe in giving credit where credit is due, so I will never use photographs or images without permission. I am also familiar with all of the popular Public Domain and Creative Commons databases where I can get photographs that I have permission to use.

Web Design & Development

As passionate as I am about print layout, I am just fascinated with web development. Creating the bones and internal organs of a website is a complicated, messy, and satisfying process. I enjoy design, too, but am most interested in WordPress and PHP development.

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Whether it's a quick question or a detailed tutorial, I love helping people with their problems. Don't hesitate to get in touch!

image "Danish Post Box" by দেবর্ষি রায় CC 2.0 BY-SA