Bronson O’Quinn


I am a writer in Lexington, Kentucky with over 5 years of experience with Information Technology, Web Design, and Internet Marketing. I am currently accepting clients for Web Design Services as well as looking for publications that are interested in freelance writing.

Web Services

If you are not tech savvy, the internet can be scary, even petrifying. With three years of experience instructing blog classes at a Lexington-based nonprofit, I have learned that it’s important to explain the process without overwhelming the student. I not only promise to provide you with your own website or blog, but I will ease you into the basic operations so that you are an educated and confident owner of your website.

Depending on your needs, my services vary. I am able to assist with the following functions:

  • Domain Registration and Hosting
  • Installing a Content Management System, such as WordPress or Weebly
  • Web Design, either from pre-existing templates or from scratch
  • Instructing you on using your blog
  • Online Marketing and Publicity
  • Information Systems and Database Management

My main focus is creating websites and blogs for writers and authors—aspiring and established—but I will work with anyone who is interested in taking control of their online presence. To ask about services, please click here.


I write nonfiction related to arts, community, and education. I am the Founder and Head Writer at Maze Rats, an online publication dedicated to game communities and education.

I have been the Blog Editor for Accents Publishing since 2013. I have also written and designed layout for defunct arts magazine Flashpoint.

For writing samples, please click here.

To ask about services, please click here.