Web Design & Development

Maze Rats

May 2014-Present

Maze Rats is designed to further game studies by observing and recording gaming communities as well as academic literature. The blog currently posts articles about gaming terminology, events, and literature related to the field. I also publish a monthly zine where I pick a single game and write an essay about that game and it's place in society.

Lexington Literary Hub

April 2017-Present

The Lexington Literary Hub acts as a central resource for literature in and around Lexington, Kentucky. Designed under the auspices of the Carnegie Center for Literacy & Learning, this site serves as a central location of information related to literature for the area.



April 2017-Present

The Lexington Poetry Month Writing Challenge moved to LexPoMo.com under the auspices of Workhorse Writers. For more information about the Lexington Poetry Month Writing Challenge, please see below.


Accents Publishing Blog

Blog Editor
April 2013-April 2017

Since April 2013, Bronson O’Quinn has been the Editor in Chief of the Accents Publishing Blog for Accents Publishing.

Accents Publishing is “an Independent Press for Brilliant Voices”. Founded in 2010 by Katerina Stoykova-Klemer, their mission is ” to promote brilliant voices in an affordable publication format, and to foster an exchange of literature among different world cultures and languages.” Since then, they have published over 35 poetry collections with authors from a variety of nationalities.

Bronson’s responsibilities include creating regular blog posts, maintaining a calendar of local poetry events, and formatting print poetry for the web. He has also conducted interviews, created “mixed media poems” (such as the featured image above), and helped with sponsorship banners during Lexington Poetry Month.

Bronson’s largest duty is maintaining the blog during Lexington Poetry Month in June when dozens of Lexington poets submit their poetry to be posted to the blog. Because of this, Bronson had to learn MySQL and PHP to create an interactive database of participants that could use the blog’s form to submit their own poems.


Disposable Tea

January 2012-July 2013

Bronson created his first blog in 2011, using Blogger/Blogspot. It integrated advertising and social media connectivity with articles on writing fiction, blogging, and satire.

Disposable Tea is “a mess of writing advice” and “pop-cultural onanism”. Bronson originally started the blog in order to learn about blogging. Not only did he learn how blogging platforms function, he took a crash course in the marketing/publicity side. Disposable Tea also functioned as a homepage for Bronson’s self-published novella, Dr. Recluse.

Ultimately, Bronson stopped posting and decided to focus on mastering his creative writing craft and trying out print projects instead.