Writing Samples

Below are select samples of my writing.
This is not a comprehensive portfolio of my writing.

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Farewell to Holler
  • August 29, 2016, Smiley Pete
  • The Holler Poets Series has run every month for over eight years, and September 30th marked its final monthly show. This article interviews Eric Sutherland about the history and future of Holler.
photo by Malinda O'Quinn
The Future of Electronic Interaction Can Be Found in the Middle of Kentucky
  • August 1, 2016, Kill Screen
  • The Living Arts and Science Center showcased an interactive art exhibit featuring the work of many game developers. This article includes interviews and images from the show.
Press start: Nonprofit RunJumpDev drives Lexington’s growing video game industry
  • April 22, 2016, Business Lexington
  • An article about a nonprofit, RunJumpDev, that works with up-and-coming game developers
If You Say So: What Your Speech Says About Your Skill
  • April 13, 2016, MMOs.com
  • A discussion about a paper from an academic journal about the use of language in determining player skill in Massively Multiplayer Online games
The Lasting Effects of Doom
  • February 3, 2016, Defiantly Uncool
  • An autobiographical essay about the technology company id Software and their importance in electronic entertainment culture
Micro- vs. Macro-Management
  • August 14, 2015, Maze Rats
  • An essay, using video games for examples, of the difference between long- and short-term management skills
"This is Where the Blood Pumps": joining the Lexington poetry community
  • May/June 2014, Flashpoint Magazine
  • An autobiographical history of the Lexington poetry community, including Accents Publishing, the Affrilachian Poets, Holler poets, and others
The Epidemic of Popular Culture: Local Talent at the Lexington Comic and Toy Con
  • March/April 2014, Flashpoint Magazine
  • An essay that preceded an interview of comic book artists by Daryl Janisch
Thanks Be to Grog: Friends, Family, and Fanatics at the Ford Theatre Reunion
  • January/February 2014, Flashpoint Magazine
  • An article about a Lexington-based punk band, The Ford Theatre Reunion
  • Also did the layout design for the print article
Matthew Haughton Interview (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)